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Super Important Warning and Disclaimer

If you believe you maybe involved or apart of MPD or this trauma mind control somehow as a survivor, then please understand some of the content on this website can potentially be very dangerous to read, if it’s the wrong time and can be potentially fatal. This is totally serious, and I am not responsible for anything that occurs from people reading the material on this site. The contents within these articles will most certainly trigger a survivors defensive programmings.

About DeprogramWiki.com

This Wiki is a collaboration of information regarding what is referred to as ‘Undetectable Mind Control’. This phenomenon goes by many names also, and maybe understood as something different for other people. Given the subjective nature of readers this website will either be a joke or the holy grail of truthful information. The information on this website is only posted and shared here for educational and informative purposes only.

There are a few authors who have contributed to the Wiki, and we hope to present the most comprehensive and complete website detailing to share information freely relating on solutions of the trauma mind control epidemic. We really hope our efforts have filled the gap regarding people learn about these Illuminati cults, how to identify them and most importantly how to undo the damage they have done to the minds of survivors and the world.

If you are going to work with ritual abuse survivors, you must also get educated if you want to be effective. And you must learn to be humble. Trauma survivors do not need to be around ignorant, modern-day Pharisees. Survivors in pain need people who will connect with them on an emotional level, get right down in there where they are, and listen. –Kathleen Sullivan

DeprogramWiki has a massive collection of resources that attempts to cover all areas of deprogramming and programming. Deprogramming relates to anything that can help undo and heal the survivors negative thoughts and habits resulting from ritual trauma – and move into a new life. Under any and all circumstances the information on this website will always remain free. There are plenty of people who have suffered greatly to make this website a reality, and to those I give my deepest thanks.

Any persons mentioned by name on this website is posted without prejudice or deformation intent and is shared only for the safety of other survivors and the public safety and interest.

DeprogramWiki Updates

9 December 2022

We have a new addition to our PDF collection which can be found here SATANIC CULT AWARENESS – 1993 this PDF despite being from 1993 still has very relevant information about trauma programming.

I’m also working to improve our pages relating to two of Fritz Springmeiers books Deeper Insights Into the Illuminati Formula and The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave. Towards the end of the year 2005 Fritz had personally sent these books in PDF format on a CD ROM. They were the same ones that he’d use to print his books. I had promised that I’d never share these PDFs and to this day have kept them safe.

While I wont release the PDFs, I believe these pages could be improved by having the text sourced from these files. The current text on those pages was copied from an existing website and is incomplete in some ways. Most noticeably with the illustrations.

Fritz Springmeier has updated his website after a long while and it can be found here https://pentracks.com/. If you’ve found benefit from reading his material on this website please consider donating to Fritz with the donation link on his website.

We also have some new blog posts from Fritz Springmeier. Over the years we had added the Facebook posts however this became difficult over time. I hope to see new updates on the pen tracks website for the coming years.

26 November 2022

I’ve fixed up emails finally! You can email me at [email protected] or use the contact form found in the side menu. There have been some people over the years who have messaged through this website and I’ve just replied to everyone I can. Sorry for the delay!

25 October 2022

We’ve moved to new hosting and also I’ve decided to remove user accounts. Sorry people who tried to register or login! We did have some forums although I eventually had removed those and also there’s no hidden content or any benefit to having a user account registered. With people using social media for groups and chats, there really isn’t any need for user registrations.

Update 2022

I hope we’re all staying okay with the turbulence of global events! The start of 2020 I had set aside time to update Deprogramming Modalities, however the pandemic had intervened. Updating Deprogram Wiki was always in the back of my mind and it’s only until now I’ve spent some time to bring things up to date. My email account [email protected] also has been inactive the past couple of years. For anyone who has attempted to contact me there I am sorry, I would have missed everything.

For my own personal self I am happy to say I am okay. I’m in good health and spirits.

2015 I had published the first iteration of Deprogram Wiki. Seven years later yes I am still deprogramming myself. I would not consider myself fully deprogrammed, if that is such a thing. The bane of electronic devices and infants and littles do make it easier to report. Although I have made great strides and progress with my own deprogramming there is still some ways to go.

Stay tuned for updates to this website over this year. I am slowly working and editing a book which gives insights to disassociate identity disorder. It’s entitled The Democratic Consortium of Babies. I plan to publish it and have set myself a deadline of the end of 2022 to have this ready!

Along side this I will do my best to update Deprogramming Modalities. The information there is still mostly good, although after several years of deprogramming and learning new things it certainly could do with an update.

Big thanks to Svali who is still writing. I’ve updated this site with her most recent blog posts.

I always had thought the start of 2020 to be the obvious series of events that leads to the global chaos that allows easily the New World Order to occur. These events will take place over the next decade. I’m sorry to reveal that pandemics and war are just the start. Svali had made a wonderful blog post with future predictions. Although as she had said the plan has slightly changed since she was in the know.

The use of a pandemic was a great way for the elites to measure compliancy with global populations and was served as a trial run to further push the agenda for global mind control. The information from this has been used to further fine tune their agenda.

We can expect to see the global war ramp up. Already rampant is subliminals dictating democracy versus dictatorships, embedding within the unconscious to get ready for war. We may see an increase in people who sign up to serve in the military as a result. These series of global war events will unfold over the next few years. The global war does go for some years, although there is eventually no clear winner.

Other global events will occur to stop the war.

Expect to see a massive nuclear radiation leak, which contaminates about 80% of the world. Along with this through climate change or a meteor impact, I am unsure 100%, radioactive sea water will flood and spread to most parts of the worlds lands also. This will also contaminate the rains, damage food and make it impossible to live as we know it today. This piece of information I have yet to find elsewhere. These events as far as I know are still planned to occur before the year 2030.

Stay strong my friends.

Information about Programming

Programming in this context refers to the application of trauma mind control upon an individual, with information relating mainly to that. Generally will be ‘how it’s done‘ compared to ‘what to do about it’. This will be more heavier for survivors to digest. If you are seeking information relating to deprogramming or help with undoing the mind control, please refer to the ‘deprogramming’ area for more helpful information. The contents within these articles will most certainly trigger a survivors defensive programmings.or.

Fritz Springmeier’s Work and Research as Books

Fritz’s work in the area of uncovering Trauma Mind Control is extensive. It was reading his material which resulted in myself waking up to such things. Fritz has authored many books relating to the Illuminati, with a three part series focusing just on the mind control alone. These resources are republished here with the permission of Fritz Springmeier, however for the authentic Fritz experience – purchase Fritz Springmeier’s on his website at http://pentracks.com/

Beware of fake Fritz Springmeier books!

It’s possible to read these materials for free on this website, however it should be noted there is Fritz’s material being solder under a fraudulent author.


The above copies are fraudulently sold under Fritz Springmeiers name on Amazon. The real Fritz Springmeier materials can only be obtained in hard copy format from http://pentracks.com/ – however recently reading he has paused sales. So if you see these copies, they are fakes!

Chainless Slaves by Unwelcome Ozian

Chainless Slaves (PDF Download) is a great information resource which details insightful information to trauma programming. This book is authored by ‘Unwelcome Ozian‘ and he is active on his Tumblr account where he is constantly answering questions. Has great insights to programming and cult information.

Deprogramming Resources

Deprogramming Modalities

For myself trying to find any deprogramming information relating to this mind control had me sort and organise through a lot of triggering material, which made things harder. Although Deprogramming Modalities would still cause post traumatic issues, it has an emphasis on deprogramming without too much graphic detail on programming or programming setups.

Deprogramming Modalities for Trauma Mind Control Survivors – New and Updated for 2017

Deprogramming Modalities for Trauma Mind Control Survivors is a collaborative effort to create a one stop resource to give a survivor or therapist a complete overview of the deprogramming and undoing the trauma mind control, along with information on how to safely leave the cult. The information in Deprogramming Modalities is based on my own deprogramming experiences, with insights from other survivors from different parts of the world.

Each section also links to relevant material found elsewhere on this website.

Expect a new updated version for the new 2020 year!

Svali’s Work

Svali’s resources relate to deprogramming and also descriptions of programming. It’s an invaluable resource to what life is like inside the cult.

Survivors Stories and Books

Other survivors have also published their own experiences and have made their stories available to download freely.

Jian Liang – Break the MK Chain – MkUltra Never Ended

Jian Liang hosts her website Break the MK Chain and has published her experiences in Spanish and also English, with a Chinese translation in the works. You can download her book with these links

Fiona Bartlett – An Australian Experience of Ritual Abuse & Mind Control

Fiona is a prominent MkUltra and ritual abuse survivor from Australia who has published a lot of information about the programs there, along with her own personal experiences. She recently has released a revised edition of her book ‘Eyes Wide Open’ of which you can download for free, Eyes Wide Open PDF.

She also is active on her blog website https://fionabarnett.org/

PDF Resources and Downloads

These are PDF and book resources relating to programming and deprogramming, freely available for download.

We have a page that contains links to other websites here Web Links to Other Websites.